Fuji EnviroMAX eco-friendly battery range is a green alternative to household batteries that are harmful to the environment. Our batteries are safe and easy to dispose without harming our planet.


Not harmful

Contains no mercury, cadmium, lead, lithium, or PVC.



Composed of over 93% recycled and recyclable materials


Thoughtful packaging

Recycled and recyclable materials and 100% PET plastic


Maximum performance

Equally powerful, if not more than the competition


Minimum impact

Safe for landfills



Price lower or equal to other batteries available on the market



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Fuji EnviroMax and Recyc-Quebec strongly encourages consumers to recycle batteries even if no law in Quebec prohibits the disposal of the batteries in household trash.

A Whole NEW Kind of Alkaline Battery.

According to research by Planet Ark, each year Canadians consume around 465 million handheld batteries - two thirds of which end up in landfill. Batteries account for an estimated 8000 tonnes of landfill each year. Only 2.9% of batteries are reprocessed.

The materials that make up a Fuji EnviroMAX™ battery are derived from the basic elements of the Earth. There is nothing inside a Fuji EnviroMAX™ battery that will harm the environment if it is disposed of through normal waste systems.

A few reasons why are that Fuji EnviroMAX™ batteries contain no harmful mercury, cadmium and lead - nor are they packaged with dangerous (and non-recyclable) PVC plastic. Instead,

Fuji EnviroMAX™ batteries are made in some of the world's most eco-respectful battery plants, operating under some of the most strict standards of environmental responsibility

In fact, most of all resources used in the Fuji EnviroMAX™ manufacturing process are reused and recycled! What's more, Fuji EnviroMAX™ batteries are labeled and packaged with recycled paper and P.E.T. plastic. The result is batteries that meet a world standard for environmental responsibility and recyclable materials. And no other batteries are so respectful of our environment as Fuji EnviroMAX™.