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New Environmentally-Respectful Batteries.
Canadian shoppers now have an alternative to highly polluting standard batteries with the launch of the world’s first range of eco-respectful batteries, Fuji EnviroMAX™.

The proof is all around us. Our planet is “going green.” And to help that cause, Fuji EnviroMAX™ batteries bring a long-overdue dimension of eco-responsibility to the replacement battery market – along with unsurpassed power and longevity! You truly get the best of both worlds with Fuji EnviroMAX™ – at no added cost. Independent tests show Fuji EnviroMAX™ batteries equal, and most often exceed the performance and longevity of equivalent major brands. But that’s only part of the Fuji EnviroMAX™ story.


Fuji EnviroMax and Recyc-Quebec strongly encourages consumers to recycle batteries even if no law in Quebec prohibits the disposal of the batteries in household trash. http://www.call2recycle.ca/

A Whole NEW Kind of Alkaline Battery.

According to research by Planet Ark, each year Canadians consume around 465 million handheld batteries - two thirds of which end up in landfill. Batteries account for an estimated 8000 tonnes of landfill each year. Only 2.9% of batteries are reprocessed.

The materials that make up a Fuji EnviroMAX™ battery are derived from the basic elements of the Earth. There is nothing inside a Fuji EnviroMAX™ battery that will harm the environment if it is disposed of through normal waste systems.

A few reasons why are that Fuji EnviroMAX™ batteries contain no harmful mercury, cadmium and lead - nor are they packaged with dangerous (and non-recyclable) PVC plastic. Instead,

Fuji EnviroMAX™ batteries are made in some of the world's most eco-respectful battery plants, operating under some of the most strict standards of environmental responsibility

In fact, most of all resources used in the Fuji EnviroMAX™ manufacturing process are reused and recycled! What's more, Fuji EnviroMAX™ batteries are labeled and packaged with recycled paper and P.E.T. plastic. The result is batteries that meet a world standard for environmental responsibility and recyclable materials. And no other batteries are so respectful of our environment as Fuji EnviroMAX™.