Super Alkaline AAA Battery

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SUPER ALKALINE BATTERY - Perfect for a variety of uses, including portable gaming devices, portable TVs, handheld, toothbrush, razor, remotes, clock, smoke detector, radio, flashlight and toys, among other uses. Super alkaline 1.5 volts. 10 YEAR shelf life. HIGH QUALITY PERFORMANCE BATTERIES - Tested by independent laboratories, the Fuji Enviromax battery has one of the longest lifetimes in the industry. Environmentally Friendly - Our batteries are 100% recyclable and contain no toxic materials. Even our packaging is made with over 84% recycled material. There is no harmful PVC in these batteries which are made from recycled PET plastic. Fuji Enviromax batteries are mercury and cadmium free. Batteries are manufactured to some of the highest standards for environmental responsibility and are 100% recyclable. Safe for landfills.