Solar Charge controllers 20A 30A 40A MPPT Solar charge Controller 12V 24V

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Product Description
M series is a type of solar controller with advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, mainly designed for small & medium size solar stand alone power systems up to 1.2KW. Additionally, it’s a negative grounded model, meets the electrical wiring standard that is widely required in solar power system in North America.
Key Features
★ 100Voc max PV input voltage
★ 1.2KW max PV input power
★ Negative grounded design
★ Inbuilt BT module for APP operation
★ 300 days max data logging
★ 20A / 30A / 40A max charge current
★ 12/24V battery system auto recognition
★ 0.3W max self power consumption
Advantage of Our products
Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Technology
- Fast MPPT start with ultra fast of sweeping of the entire V-I curve
- Smart MPPT algorithm ensures a better tracking in multiple power points
- High PV harvest performance in weak sunlight conditions
- Excellent peak efficiency exceeds 98%

High Quality & Function
- No cooling fan; over rating size heating sink
- Over rating electronic components to minimize the power loss from heating
- Full charge power output up to 45ºC
- Compensates battery charge voltages with use of temperature sensor
- LCD screen display; key operation for parameter settings
- Lead-acid AGM/GEL/Flooded & Lithium batteries supportable

Reliable Electronic Protections
- Advanced protections for battery charge & discharge
- Over-heating protection by power derating if temperature is high
- Allow max 25% exceeding rated power without controller damage
- Extensive protections including PV reverse polarity & reverse current protection

Extensive Device Functions
- RS485 port for Modbus communication
- Extra 20A DC load output control with various of load modes
- External remote LCD display connection
- Inbuilt Bluetooth module for APP operation

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