Hot Sale PWM Solar Charge controller 30A solar tracking controller for RV, boat and solar system

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Product Description
P2430C is a flush mount type solar charge controller with advanced Pulse Width Management (PWM) 3-phase charge technology, mainly for solar power system in RV/caravan or similar applications. It is a negative grounded model, suitable for systems with PCBA wiring negative grounded (mainly required in North America.
Key Features
★ 12/24V battery system auto recognition
★ Flush mount fixture for RV/caravan or system cabinet installation
★ PCB wiring negative grounded design
★ Full range of electronic protections
★ LCD display & key operation for parameter settings
★ Lead-acid AGM/GEL/Flooded & Lithium battery supportable
★ Multiple MOSFET & optimized PCBA design for better cooling effect
★ Only for battery charge use

Advantage of Our products
Extensive Device Functions
- Li mode use for lithium battery charge & discharge
- Up to 17 kinds of DC load output control, including “dusk to dawn” & manual switch
- Extra USB 5V 1A DC output
- One more year of warranty than other similar models in the market

Product Details